Ag Day 2020

Animal Showing – Friday 23rd October @ Waiotira Domain & Hall

Ag Day is an important part of our school curriculum.  We realise that not all families are set up to raise an animal to show (lamb, kid or calf) – but children can still participate by planting and tending a small contained garden (like a fishbin).

Participation is compulsory and children are expected to enter at least ONE category.

  • Calf
  • Lamb
  • Kid/Goat
  • Small Contained Garden
    • Bee Garden
    • Fruit/Vege Garden
    • Herb Garden

If you wish to bring a small caged pet – you will also need to enter one other category.

Specific information on all categories is available via the links below.

Calf Judging Criteria
Lamb Judging Criteria
Kid Goat Judging Criteria
Small contained Garden Judging Criteria
Small Caged Pets Judging Criteria

Indoor Exhibits PreparationThursday 22nd October @ Waiotira Hall

A list of materials will be sent out closer to the time.