Beach Education

Wednesday 9th March, 2022

Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving Club

We have booked Beach Education for Wednesday, March 9 at Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving Club.

Beach Ed. is a full day of curriculum based beach and surf safety delivered by trained surf lifeguards at the beach for all students (Year 1-6).

The programme covers:

  • basic principles of staying safe at the beach
  • learning how to identify hazards such as rip currents
  • ways to keep themselves and others safe
  • what action to take if they get into trouble.

We will leave school by 9am and travel to Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving Club and leave by 2pm to return in time for the afternoon buses.

We will travel by bus, but will need some parent help for supervision IN THE WATER on the day.  

Due to current government regulations regarding Covid 19, any parents or caregivers wanting to participate will be required to provide a current vaccine pass to attend. Your vaccine passport will need to be sent to us before the day.

If you are able to help with supervision IN THE WATER, please let us know via the permission slip below.  Parent supervisors may arrange their own transport, but there are plenty of available seats on the bus to accommodate parents/caregivers. If you wish to ride on the bus, you will also be required to wear a mask.

Your child will need:

Togs, rash shirt and or wet suit (especially if they are prone to getting cold)

Towel, A jumper, A hat, Sunblock, Morning tea and Lunch, A big bottle of water.

Beach Ed Ruakaka 2022 Permission Slip

Thursday August 12
    By selecting yes I confirm that I have a current vaccine passport, and am willing in able to be in the water to provide supervision
    If you are able to attend as parent/caregiver in water supervision, and would like to ride on the bus, please tick yes. If you are attending as parent/caregiver in water supervision, but are taking your own vehicle, tick no. If you are also not coming, tick no. DO NOT TICK YES FOR CHILD/CHILDREN, children will automatically be counted as bus passenger when you give permission to attend.
  • Use your mouse, stylus or finger to sign here