Essential Information


The Ministry of Education regulations state that no child shall be absent from school without enough reason. Please phone the school by 9.00am if your child is away on any day. If we have not heard from you, there will be a follow-up phone from our admin staff or the Principal to ascertain what the situation is.  If it is necessary to collect your child during school hours, the class teacher must be informed prior to collection.


Waiotira School expects all students to act with courtesy, consideration and initiative. We aim to encourage and develop respect for self and others. Students are rewarded for the good things they do and could gain awards for positive behaviours and attitudes towards their learning and others.  Violence, either verbal or physical, is not tolerated and will be dealt with as per our behavioural management policy and procedures.

Concerns and Queries

If you have any queries or concerns about your child, please approach your child/ran’s teacher as soon as possible. We appreciate your interest, support and involvement with your child’s education. All matters will be dealt with quickly, sensitively and confidentially. Constructive concerns and suggestions are always welcome.

Contact the School

Our Office administrator is employed on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursdays. Friday’s parents and caregivers are asked to contact the school outside teaching hours unless it is an emergency.

Jewellery and Valuables

Children are advised not to wear jewellery other than watches or ear studs to school. Other items may be confiscated and returned to the owner at the end of the day.  Toys are allowed at school at special times as requested by staff. The staff will not be responsible for damage or loss to personal property.

Lost Property

Please try to name all children’s articles of clothing and accessories. The School does not operate a lost property box as we prefer to return misplaced articles and clothing as it is found.

Pet Day

This annual event is held in Term 4. Children prepare pets for the event at home and a variety of indoor exhibits are created at home and at school.
This is a fun community event and is always a highlight of the school year.

Progress Reports

Student portfolios go home each term identifying the attainment of your child/children in a variety of curriculum areas with Literacy and Numeracy being the focus. Initial interviews are held in Term 1 where students’ goals have been identified. The second interview is in Term 3 where attainment of these goals is measured, and the next future focuses are set. An end of year written report will go home Term 4 giving an overall student attainment in all curriculum areas. Additionally, informal discussions with teachers are welcome and Open Days will be held throughout the year.

Parent Whanau Group

This group is for all parents and Whanau. It meets approximately once a term to discuss relevant school issues and fundraising

School Donations

Waiotira School does not ask for a school donation. We endeavour to always keeps costs for families to a minimum and will ask throughout the year for contributions towards set events or trips that children are attending.


Initial stationery is handed out to all students at the beginning of Term 1. We prefer this method, so all children have the same quality equipment/resources. A set stationery fee is levied which will cover everything your child needs for the first two terms.