Dental Clinic

This service operates for only part of the year at Tauraroa Area School. We keep you informed of the dental services through the school newsletter.

  • Dental Nurse
  • TAS, phone 09 432 2168
  • One Tree Point, phone 09 432 7470 or 0800 698 3384 (to find out where they are)


If children require medication for allergies or stings the school must have a note giving the staff permission to give this to a child. If your child has asthma, please send a named spare inhaler to be kept at school to ensure quick treatment.

If children are on antibiotics we prefer, where possible, that the necessary doses are given before and after school. It is preferable that the school holds contact details for two emergency contacts. In an emergency the school will follow its emergency policies and procedures. These are held at the office and are available for you viewing at any time. Finally, please ensure we have a current emergency phone number for you.


Period of absence from school:

  • Measles  |  For 7 days from the appearance of the spots until recovery

  • Chicken pox  |  1 week from appearance of the rash until all scabs has gone

  • Impetigo/School Sores  |  Sores must be treated and covered. Children are unable to swim until sores are completely gone

  • Headlice  |  No days if whole family is under treatment. Please notify the school so we are informed

  • Mumps  |  Until swelling has subsided

  • Ringworm  |  No days if under treatment