Ready for School

Five-year old's come to school with a variety of different skills

The following is a guide only, which will enable your child to adjust more readily into school routines

  • Recognise their name
  • Follow three simple instructions

  • Be able to write their name in lower case letters   eg.  Jim or Jessica

  • Know how to blow their nose

  • Know how to use the toilet, including flushing and washing and drying hands

  • Know how to correctly hold and use scissors, pencils, crayons, felts, paintbrushes

  • Know how to sit and listen to stories

  • Knows alphabet and recognises some individual letters

  • Knows counting to ten and recognise some numerals

  • Knows basic colours and different shapes

During their first year at school your child may learn to

  • Read up to half a dozen sentences on a page

  • Write three or four sentences using spelling approximations

  • Add and subtract to 9 and be learning numbers to 20

  • Develop co-ordination skills through fitness and Physical Education

  • How to be responsible about their own well-being